Download WiseView for PC Windows 10, 8.1, 8 for Free

Now ensure your house’s security from anywhere. Download the Wiseview security app for your home’s better security and remotely control the security cameras. 


WiseView for PC


What is Wiseview for PC ?

Wiseview app enables the users of Hanwha Techwin’s security system to view live videos and also play recorded videos downloaded from the hanwha techwin’s security connected devices. You can stream the love videos by using either your smartphone, tablet or PC windows. All you require is good internet connectivity. 


This application is specifically designed for the users of Hanwha Techwin’s security system. It does not involve any extra added costs and also is completely free to use. This app is compatible for both the operating systems that are android and MAC. 


Features of the Wiseview for PC

  1. It provides the convenience of watching your security cameras from anywhere and at any time.
  2. It enables the user to capture the screenshots of the images provided on the devices and also record the videos in order to watch them later on.
  3. You can live stream the videos anytime without any time lag or buffering.
  4. It allows you to surf through multiple camera feeds at a single time.
  5. The application provides top notch quality videos and clear cut images for the security cameras. 

wisenet app for pc


How to download the Wiseview for PC ?

In order to download the wiseview app you will need to follow the below mentioned steps: 


Step no 01: In order to install Wiseview For PC, you will have to download an android emulator. 


Step no 02: The best and highly recommended android emulator for the PC is Bluestacks. If you do not want to download the Wiseview app by using the bluestacks you can also prefer another android emulator that is Andy emulator. 


However, you can select any android emulator of your choice whichever you think might be the best for your PC.


Step no 03: Once the desired android emulator is downloaded, open the emulator and search for  Wiseview For PC on the app


Step no 04: Now click on the Wiseview app, install the application by pressing the top right corner button and launch the app on your Windows.


wise app for pc download


Step no 05: after you have launched the app, you will require to sign in. If you are using the app for the first time you will need to create a new account by using your email id and if you are an existing user of the application, you will just need to enter your ID and password. 


How to use the Wiseview for PC?

  1. After the completion of the download kindly create an account with a valid email ID. 
  2. Once the app is opened follow the instructions given on the homepage.
  3. Connect the security cameras with the application.


To sum up

The Wiseview For PC app is pretty simple to use and all you need to do is follow the instructions provided on the homepage of the app. Now you can easily control your security cameras from anywhere and also pay attention to your house security anytime. 


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