12 Awesome Skype Tricks You Should Definitely Know

Well, you do not use Skype app ? It is a day to day utilized app which eases the way of communication between two individual users. But is using the skype the traditional way enough ? 


12 Awesome Skype Tricks


In such a case go through the following content and help yourself out with the 12 awesome skype tricks you should definitely know. Skype app allows many features and functions to its users. 


Let us quickly have a look at the 12 awesome skype tricks you should definitely know:


  • Backup Skype chat history : the general rule of Skype app is that it automatically deletes chats between two users after a particular time period. 


But if you want to take a backup of your chat then you need to modify the settings. In order to take a backup of your chats you will be required to open the “RUN” command and enter this code: “%appdata%\skype” and press the OK button and follow the remaining steps.


  • Use the Skype WI-FI:  if you ever run out your internet and are not able to have quick access on the wifi-hotspot. Well, in that case you can easily use the skype wifi feature by using your skype credit. 

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  • Removing the SKype ADs: Nobody likes disturbances while they are communicating. The Skype advertisements can prove to be a distraction to its users while they are communicating. 


So here is a trick you can easily remove the skype ADs by going to the control panel on your PC and cick on the “network and internet” and there you can restrict the notifications for the Skype app. 


  • Call forwarding on Skype: If you do not want to miss out on any of your phone calls, skype enables you to call forward your important calls on any of the other skype numbers or mobile and landline numbers. 


However, the skype to skype call forwarding is free but you shall be liable for the credit if you forward your calls other than the skype number. 


  • Using Skype for security camera: All you need to do is set up your PC or monitor in the direction where you want to keep some security and install a skype account in it. Change the PC’s skype account call settings by “Automatically answer all the incoming calls” and call from another account and keep an eye on the risky areas. 

  • Skype customer service: if your small scale business does not wish to incur much expenses on the telephone and communication then you can simply attach the skype button on your website and provide care to your customers through the skype calls.

  • Record Skype Call : if you wish to record skype calls you shall install the free video Call Recorder app and record your calls without hesitation.

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  • Get a Skype Caller ID: if you want to call mobile numbers or landline numbers, setting up a Skype caller ID is very important. To do so, click on “Skype” in the top menu and then click on “My Account” from the menu.

  • Easily transfer your one skype account to another skype account: All you need to do is click on the “Contacts” in the top menu and click on the “Advanced” option. Now from the side menu, click on “Backup Contacts to File…” and the contacts will be backed up.

  •  Edit sent messages: you can edit your sent message by pressing on the “Up Arrow” key and the sent message will be displayed in the text box now edit the message and send it again.

  • Hide typing indicator.
  • Clear skype chat history.


Go check out these 12 awesome skype tricks and continue your communication.

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