How to Download Pubg for PC? (Windows 10 Updated Guide)

Pubg…the most popular word nowadays. Isn’t it? No matter, wherever you are or how old are you, Pubg is everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you are bored of playing Pubg on small mobiles, then here is the ultimate guide to download Pubg on a bigger screen. 


Pubg for PC


So, want to know more about the download process of Pubg for PC? If yes, then you are in the right place. And all you need to do is just go ahead and install Pubg on your PC right now. 


Features of Pubg on PC or Laptop 

Playing Pubg on mobiles isn’t really exciting. Don’t you think so? However, playing Pubg on big screens such as laptops or computers is more exciting. There are multiple benefits of playing this game on your PC. For instance, these increase the quality of audio, traveling style, gaming environment, graphics, and many more. 


  • Graphics and HD sound quality 

The best software on your PC provides eye-popping visualizations with realistic game effects and scenes. The best part of this game is that it provides a huge Pubg game map for easier navigation. 

Moreover, the HD sound effects are a more exciting part of this game. And creates as if you are playing on real ground along with your peers. 


  • Advanced and realistic weapons 


pubg pc download 64-bit


Avail of any weapon that you want. From small guns to large firearms, you can grab anything that you want and hunt your enemies. 


  • Traveling Style 


This is another feature to hunt your enemies using a variety of vehicles such as boats, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and many more. These features help you reach the enemy faster. 


  • Gaming environment 

The PC ensures a safer and anti-cheat gaming environment for Pubg players. Moreover, you can last in this battle till the end of the game by teaming with your friends. All you need to do is just invite them and plan to win the battle using voice chats. 


These are the few features of the Pubg on PC. Want to download Pubg on your PC? If yes, then here is the complete process. Just dive deeper. 


How to Download Pubg on PC: Step-By-Step Process

Get ready to download the most trending video game, Pubg on your laptop or PC. Don’t worry, whether you own with Mac or Windows PC, here is the step by step installation process for both PCs in detail. 


pubg pc size


Installation Process of Pubg [For Mac]

  • Before you download the Pubg directly on your Mac, you should install Bluestacks. Wooah…but what is this Bluestacks? Well, Bluestacks is a software that creates an Android environment on your Mac and allows you to play the game faster and efficient without any disturbances. 
  • Moreover, this Bluestacks ensure the complete usage of apps on PC that you get on Android more efficiently.
  • After installing Bluestacks here, complete the sign-in process and go to the play store. 
  • And search for Pubg. Finally, install it. That’s it. You are down with it. Now play Pubg even on your Mac without any disturbances. 


Installation Process of Pubg [For Windows]

  • Similar to Bluestacks on Mac, install Android emulator on Windows. This software mimics the Android environment on your PC. And allows you to play the game without any distrubances. 
  • Once you install the Android emulator here, go to play store and install the Pubg. 


That’s it. You are all set. Now, play the game and enjoy the pleasure of a big screen with ultimate graphics and sounding effects. What do you say? 


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