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Finding it difficult to control your live concert as you have many things to keep an eye on when you are on the stage. Well, in such a case Mainstage For PC is the best choice for you.

Mainstage for PC


Mainstage For PC, enables you to control your MAC to the stage with a full-screen interface optimized for live performance, flexible hardware control, and a massive collection of plug-ins and sounds that are fully compatible with Logic Pro.


This app enables you to play your sounds downloaded from the logic Pro and garage Band. There are convenient tools pre-installed in the app in order to formulate smooth editing and performance. You can switch between patches without causing any interruption in the sound outputs. 


The Mainstage app promotes the split screen option which is supported by 64-bit architecture. The app enables the user to multi-select the objects in the layout and then change the properties at once. 


The app provides in-built 6GB disk space for minimum installation of items and 72GB hard disk for full Sound Library installation. It has over 4300 instrument and effect Patches. The app has  more than 1800 meticulously sampled instruments and 10000 Apple Loops in a wide range of genres. 


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How to download the Mainstage for PC ?

The Mainstage app is basically designed for the MAC operating system. However, there are certain ways in order to support it on windows. 


In order to download the Mainstage app you will need to follow the below mentioned steps: 


Step no 01: In order to install Mainstage for PC, you will have to download an android emulator. 


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Step no 02: The best and highly recommended android emulator for the PC is Bluestacks. If you do not want to download the Mainstage app by using the bluestacks you can also prefer another android emulator that is Andy emulator. 


However, you can select any android emulator of your choice whichever you think might be the best for your PC.


Step no 03: Once the desired android emulator is downloaded, open the emulator and search for  Mainstage for PC on the app


Step no 04: Now click on the Mainstage app, install the application by pressing the top right corner button and launch the app on your Windows.


To sum up

The Mainstage for PC app is pretty simple to use and all you need to do is follow the instructions provided on the homepage of the app.

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