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Do you want top-notch security for your workplace or home? Do you want to keep unwanted intruders away from your private face? If you want a foolproof surveillance solution to keep your homes and workplaces secured, nothing can be better than iSentry for Windows PC. Using this application you can transform literally any device with a functional depth camp into a surveillance detector. This application uses special Artificial Intelligence and advanced technology to detect any motion with the help of its motion sensors and you will be instantly notified.

iSentry for Windows PC

The basic iSentry application is free to use and you do not have to pay any money. The app will ask you permission to use the webcam of your PC or laptop. You can also set which location the camera should be pointed towards and with the help of its motion sensors, the app will detect any motion in that particular view and sends you a notification if it does. You can also set the type of notifications whether you want mail alerts or phone alerts and the app will behave accordingly.

iSentry for Windows PC also has the potential to send you the audio or video recording of the detected motion directly and you can also control the format in quality of the video or audio. You can also set the location in which you want the audios and videos to be saved.

However, if you want to go for a slightly upgraded version, you can purchase the iSentry Pro which includes a detection masking feature. Using this feature you will be able to specify a particular region where regular motion usually or cause and flag the rest of the screen on your webcam itself.

The motion detection can also be scheduled at any time on any day of the month or even a year. Moreover higher quality cameras can also be connected to your system for better results. 

Download iSentry for Windows PC

How to download iSentry for Windows PC?

At present, iSentry is not available for download on computers and it is only available for Apple devices. But does it mean that PC users cannot use this app? Of course, they can. Here are the steps on how to do it. 

  • First, you have to download an emulator for your PC. It will replicate the function of an IOS powered device on your PC.
  • However, you need to make sure that the emulator is an IOS one like iPadian, MobiOne, etc. If you use any Android Emulator for emulators meant for other operating systems, the application will not work.
  • Install the emulator after downloading it and log in to the Apple Store. If you do not have an existing Apple ID, you can always register for a new Apple account.
  • After verifying your email you can follow the steps that will be mentioned and get access to all the apps available in the store.
  • Search for iSentry and click on install after which the app will be downloaded and installed on your emulator. Launch the application and you are ready to go.

Final words.

iSentry for Windows PC is great to keep an eye on any location that you want to be protected and you can add more than one device to the app as well so that you can serve a higher number of locations. If you want both security and mental peace, you should definitely go for this application.

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