35 Cool Websites Which Are Great Antidotes To Your Boredom

The recent pandemic which resulted in the major lockdown has locked us all in our houses for a quite long time. Surfing the internet without any cause and repeating the same routine tasks again and again leads to boredom. 


35 Cool Websites


Well, in that scenario we have curated a list of top 35 cool websites which might contribute in utilising your screen time into some productive work. 


Let us quickly have a look at these amazingly 35 cool websites which are great antidotes for your boredom and will help you find more creativity and maybe help in developing your existing skills.




  • Latest.is :


The Latest.is website allows you to have free access to the Latest twitter feeds. You will no longer require to scroll down till the end of the twitter and will shortlist the most commonly liked and majorly recommended and sighted tweets. 


  • Mental Floss: 


Well, if you are someone who is not like ordinary people around you then, Mental floss is the best website choice for you. Mental floss provides you information and knowledge on the exclusive topics. It presents before you the unthinkable and undiscovered. This website has the ability to manipulate even the simplest story in the most amazing and unbelievable story. 


  • Oddee: 


Well, now Oddee is a site where you can find the most shocking and fascinating facts of life which you would have never come across in your life. 


  • The Useless website:


Unlike its name the useless website turns out to be pretty useful. This is not a single website but is a bunch of websites which are connected to each other and outlays spontaneous feeds for your upgradation.


  • Lamebook:


The lamebook is the most debatable laughter center where you can find all the hilarious videos and stories at a single platform. 


  • Learn Mechanical:


This website helps you learn about the basics and PROs of the Mechanisms and also enables you to participate in different mechanical quizzes. 


  • GIFs:


The GIFs is a website which might boost your mood in quite a few seconds with its funny and lovable gifs.


take me to a useless website


  • The oatmeal:


The oatmeal website passes certain ideological messages along with real life lessons and scientific messages in a very innovative and different manner. 


  • Tunefind:


Here you can find any of your favorite music you have haired recently and can browse to similar tunes as well.


  • Crossfade:


Crossfade allows you to combine the audio and video files with each other on Crossfade, and create something that’s incredibly exciting but channelising your creativity and productivity in the right direction. 


Rest cool websites are as follows:


  • Food plus food

  • Buzz feed

  • Quora

  • Gizoogle

  • Spreeder

  • Honest slogans

  • College humor

  • Tinderella

  • Drench 

  • Post secret

  • Hive story

  • Bored panda

  • The odd is out

  • The brain picking

  • Laughing squid

  • Cracked

  • Funny or dieweird websites

  • Don’t even reply

  • Ship your enemies glitter

  • Shut up and take my money

  • Sleepy time

  • Staggering beauty 

  • This is sand

  • Little alchemy

  • Instructables

  • Mint


And the list can go so on. These are the best and top 35 cool websites which are great antidotes to your boredom. These amazingly interesting and insanely designed websites shall not only lessen your boredom but will also help you utilize your screen time and increase your productivity. 


This will help you gain a good amount of knowledge on the most random things and you shall come across some unbelievable facts.


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