Best ePub Readers for eReading Enthusiasts

eReading has now taken over the entire generation because it’s more convenient, easy to download and you do not need extra lights at night to read. However there are some people who are into reading books and might not like the concept of eReading. But if the user interface of the application you are using to read ePub books is well designed and easy to use, it might actually win a lot of people. Here are some of the best ePub readers that you can try out.


Best ePub Readers


Best ePub Readers for the enthusiastic readers

Librera Reader

This application is customizable and full of great features. It supports different formats like PDF, EPUB, TXT, CBZ, CBR and more. Readers can bookmark any page to continue reading from that and it also provides support for online catalogue and cloud. This application supports single-page view for two-page documents and there are configurable day and night modes. This application is supported on Android platforms. 



This is a complete solution for Windows desktops, phones or tablets. It is one of the most compatible options offering smooth navigation. You can select a book from the Chooser section and move on to the Reader screen. You do not even have to move your eyes with “Auto-scroll” and “Speed read” features where the words will be displayed at a consistent speed. You will find some of the top notch catalogs on the app, but the app is ad-vased even though they won’t disrupt your reading experience. 


Icecream Epub Reader


Google Play Books

It is the official Google reader and you can choose the book you want to purchase from a wide selection of millions of best selling books and comics. The preview samples are free and this application is compatible on your Android, iOS or even your desktop. You can take notes on Google Drive and share them with your family or friends. The night light feature lets you adjust the background colour in brightness according to your convenience and for now it is supported on Android platform.


It is another popular ePub reader and it has customized options and supports a wide range of comic books, books and more. There is also the feature for Cross device syncing and you can control the font size and margins according to your convenience. The interface is also pretty clean.


best epub reader android



This application also supports a wide range of formats including EPUB, PDF, DOC, DOCX, and more. It allows you to crop margins for PDF files and also allows to auto save the current reading page. You will be able to read several books and documents simultaneously and this application is supported on the Android platform.



These are some of the best ePub readers that the book lovers can definitely try out and even though someone might not be a fan of reading e-books, these applications might make it easier and convenient for them.


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